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Welcome to RAVEN ROCK!
We are a small independent self-funded clothing brand, who make everything in the UK!


It is well documented that British manufacturing has seen significant decline over the years but with our amazing customers and the ethical manufacturers we use, we are starting to see some real change!


No, we aren’t a global powerhouse brand that just cares about profit, we are more than that, at RAVEN ROCK we deliver on making all our clothing in the UK using only sustainable yarns and fabric, we manufacturer all of our labels, tags and packaging right here in the UK because they produce some of the best craftsmanship in the world and we are so happy to support that!


RAVEN ROCK was started at the end of 2018, we set out to deliver 100% British made casual menswear, made with 100% sustainable natural fabric/yarn, providing outstanding customer service with quality to match, delivered quickly and efficiently to your door!


We may be small, and we don’t get everything right! BUT what do is more important than most, you’re not just supporting RAVEN ROCK become the first premium global brand that offers everything made ethically in the UK (The dream!!) but you’re helping a massive sector in supporting our local manufacturers, providing skills, lowering your carbon footprint, and more importantly preserving the amazing craftsmanship and work that we do in Britain.


The great thing is that we love what we do, and we love the feedback we get from our customers, the exciting thing is we’re just getting started, again we’re not a highly invested start up, we are a small self-funded company doing what we think is right, even down to the inks we use for printing, and we know you’ll love our products just as much as we do!


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