RAVEN ROCK Sustainability


The fashion industry is notorious for its negative impact on the environment. However, a growing number of brands are taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint and promote sustainable practices. RAVEN ROCK has made sustainability a core part of its business model.

RAVEN ROCK uses a variety of sustainable materials, including:


GOTS organic cotton (Discontinued)

Supima Cotton (California, USA)

ASC Cotton (St George, Australia)

Lambswool (Hawick, Scotland)

Extra fine merino wool (Vicenza, Italy)

Chunky merino wool (Arequipa, Peru)

Extra fine merino wool (Borgosesia, Italy)


Additionally, RAVEN ROCK is committed to using sustainable production methods that is why we make everything in the UK, we also use digital printing technology, which uses less water and energy than traditional printing methods.

Committed to ethical and fair labour practices we work with suppliers who provide safe and healthy working conditions for their employees, and who pay fair wages, also ensuring that its products are produced without the use of child labour or forced labour.

In addition to our commitment to sustainability, RAVEN ROCK also promotes transparency and accountability. The brand provides information about its suppliers and production methods on its website, so customers can make informed decisions about their purchases.

Overall, RAVEN ROCK is a great example of a brand that is committed to sustainability and ethical practices. By choosing to support brands like RAVEN ROCK, consumers can help promote sustainable practices in the fashion industry and reduce its negative impact on the environment.


In 2023, RAVEN ROCK partnered with Greenspark, Greenspark tackles climate change by supporting international projects (see below) and with every order RAVEN ROCK will plant a tree, you can see our impact through our public profile here.


Eden Reforestation Projects: Fighting Extreme Poverty Through Tree Planting

UN Project 9933: Improved Cook Stoves in Malawi

UN Project 6848: Hydroelectric Energy in Chile

Plastic Bank: Transforming Plastic Waste into Empowering Income

UN Project 6315: Sugarcane Biomass Power in India

UN Project 5016: Reforestation in Rural India


Our packaging is fully UK made consisting of fully recyclable gift boxes, with recyclable tissue paper. Protected using green biodegradable bubble wrap that is designed to be reused, recycled and absorbed back into the ground within twelve to twenty-four months unlike other bubble wrap. Mailed in our recyclable mailing bags.