Supima Cotton

"The World's Finest Cotton"

At RAVEN ROCK® we want to offer the best, full traceability, from bale to manufacturer. Extra long staple (ELS) Supima is said to be the best cotton in the world adding to only 1% of overall cotton growth, which makes Supima unique to other cotton types due to its premium properties including Strength, Softness and Colour retention. Our Star Supima cotton is grown from J. G. Boswell co. who are based in California, they operate one of the largest farming operations utilising precision and technology to bring the best American pima cotton. 


"Supima cotton is a luxury fibre that improves the quality and life of your product"


The raw cotton is then spun and dyed in Manchester, the last state of the art commercial cotton spinners in Britain. The jersey fabric is then cut and sewn in Leicester, England. 


"Not all cottons are equal"


Supima cotton is pima cotton grown in the USA under strict licensing conditions in the west to south western states. Supima cotton has been called the “world’s finest cotton”, Extra-long staple supima cotton has many properties that make it superior to its counter parts including softness because it is 35% longer than regular cotton, adding superior strength to the fibres compared to regular cotton. Averaging 1.5 inches in length unlike regular cotton that usually measures at 1 inch, the star means that this is the highest grade of supima cotton.


"Supima farmers ensure they are growing the best quality cotton in the world with as little impact on the environment as possible."


When it comes to printing we used a company in the UK, with the right attributes we look for in a printing company. I dress myself fitted the bill perfectly, as their mission statement state’s “provide garment decoration in the most sustainable way possible, without compromising on quality.”


Our brand new RAVEN ROCK Logo supima cotton t-shirt and Supima Graphic T-Shirt are DTG printed using a newly formulated brother inks that are water based, GOTS-certified and Oeko Tex accredited. 

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