Made in England buttons

Made in England buttons

As you know RAVEN ROCK is an independent, self-funded clothing brand. And like all the companies that are in the same situation we are always going to be catching up against the fast-paced corporate companies. 

At RAVEN ROCK we are always trying to be different in the smallest of details that make a huge impact, whether that be our customer service, our bespoke boxes or our free UK delivery. It all adds value in our own unique way.

To build upon the foundations we’ve built over the years we have spoken about the importance of adding more value, not just for our customers but for our environment. It is well-known how much pollution the apparel industry contributes to the environment, and it is up to us to take responsibility for it, doesn’t matter how big the company. We also want to make sure we are growing our transparency and sustainability credentials as this is becoming a greater priority for consumers in every sector of business.

As you also know we are incredibly passionate about working with companies who manufacture in the UK, which brings us to our latest blog. Back in 2019 we were introduced to Courtney Buttons Co. at a Make it British event. This company makes buttons in England, maybe not exciting for most people but for us this is something that really excited us.

At Courtney Buttons Co. they craft amazing buttons with sustainable materials such as Codelite® and Corozo. For SS22 we wanted to evolve the ever-popular pique polo we offer, not just looking at the fabric but looking for branded buttons to really make it unique, not just any buttons but we have chosen 18L Codelite® etched buttons.

Our Codelite® buttons are made from casein which is the protein element that naturally occurs in milk. 96% of the finished article is comprised from dairy milk and takes 33kg of milk to make 1kg of Codelite®, the whey is then left over which is sold meaning that nothing goes to waste. Codelite® are a lot more polished and have a higher shine and once finished, the buttons perform like the conventional polyester buttons which they have replaced – robust and hard-wearing and washable even in conventional machines time and time again.

Unlike polyester buttons, Codelite® buttons are bio-degradable, sustainable and traceable. The dyes used are all Oeko-tex standard 100 and AZO free certified, delivering vibrant colours while caring for our environment.

Most importantly of all they are made in the UK!

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