This year at RAVEN ROCK we have been making great strides to becoming an even more sustainable business.


Greenspark help to create automated positive impact in seconds and take environmental action every day. To maximize positive impact Greenspark have numerous projects that have been vetted for their social and environmental objectives. Through Greenspark, RAVEN ROCK is able to plant a tree for every order which contributes towards its sustainable goals.


Made in the UK


We are proud to make in the UK. We are now working with the last commercial cotton mill in Manchester and the last button maker in the UK. From the labels, embroidery, printing, product photography .We work with some of the best crafters in the UK, this helps with keeping our own carbon footprint down, saving essential skills and preserving UK manufacturing. Just a few benefits that help towards our environmental goals. From yarn to the finished piece, we do everything we can to make the least amount of damage to our environment.


Cotton farming


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