RAVEN ROCK isn't just another "British Brand", RAVEN ROCK is a British brand that is proud to say that all their men's clothing is made in Britain using high quality fabrics and yarns to produce our clothing and accessories. 


We personally check every order to make sure the size, fit and design are to our standard every time and all the fabrics used are of premium quality. At RAVEN ROCK you aren't just supporting another British business, you are supporting the local manufacturers, the local printers, the local couriers, which is a great way we support our own economy. 


Carbon footprint and the environmental impact of clothing manufacturing is becoming higher on everyone's agenda. We wanted to recognise this by only using local rather than oversees manufacturers helping to reduce our carbon footprint. Our customer service is also based in the UK which enables us resolve any customer queries quickly and efficiently.


Our GOTS-Certified combed organic cotton is made without toxic chemicals which have a lesser impact on our environment. By eliminating the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, organic cotton keeps waterways and drinking water safe and clean. As our organic cotton is GOTS certified this means it is a worldwide leading textile standard for organic fibres, backed by an independent certification for the entire textile supply chain. This ensures from the harvesting of the raw material to the end product is environmentally and socially responsible. 


Keeping with the theme "made in Britain" we are lucky enough to have our supima cotton spun in Manchester, the last commercial cotton spinners in the UK (See last blog post). Supima cotton growers are using the latest in agricultural technology to bring the best supima in the most sustainable way possible, supima have also partnered with a forensic company that will trace back a supima product's origin ensuring it is made using American extra-long staple cotton. 
RAVEN ROCK isn't just about the ethical and social responsibilities, RAVEN ROCK is about quality men's clothing that you will look great in year after year and more importantly clothing that you enjoy wearing! 
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